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Rendering a DJ service in Nigeria is really a profitable business. A lot of music lovers in Nigeria don’t actually known’s that they can transform their love for music to a really profitable business. As a music lover, one of the legitimate businesses you can venture into is DJ business, this particular business can really make you a very successful person. Personally I always advice people to turn their hobby into a professional business. The services of DJ are required in various places.  As a DJ person your services may be required in Birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, school end of year parties, meeting ceremonies, child naming ceremonies, church activities, burial ceremonies, etc. DJ business owners are always very busy with different activities. Starting a DJ service business can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way. On this article we are going to look at the steps on how to start a DJ service business in Nigeria.

     1. Acquire the knowledge and skills: DJ business actually need some skills. This particular business is like any other business that really needs experience. You can start by doing free and volunteer works to gain more and more experience.  Start by throwing parties for friends and family and become the DJ man. You can also volunteer to DJ at your friend’s parties, any school parties, etc. Doing all this will really improve your skills and experience.

      2. You need to write a business plan: This particular business plan will contain all the vital information about the business like the demand for your services, how to locate your target market, the marketing strategies to apply, market competition, your unique selling points, the startup and the actual operation costs, your projected earnings, etc.

    3. The music collections: As a DJ, your major job is to actually play a nice rhythm to the people that hired you. You need to be up to date and also current about the latest music’s. As a DJ man you need to have a collection of both new and old music of all genres (like R&B, hip-hop, reggae, blues, rock, etc.). DJ business is really an entertainment business.

    4. Purchase the necessary equipments: Purchasing quality equipments is very important. As a DJ man, even though you have the best skill and your equipments are not okay, your DJ business will be mess off. You can lease some equipment if you cannot purchase all the equipments.

    5. Choose a unique name for the DJ business and register it: Make sure you choose a simple name for the DJ business and register it with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC).

    6. Promotion and marketing: Promoting and marketing the DJ business is very important. You can start by printing flyers and business cards. You can also use social media networks like facebook and twitter to promote your DJ service business.

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