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Starting a Kunu drink business in Nigeria is really lucrative and profitable. This particular drink called Kunu is also called Kunu Zaki. This drink is classified among non-alcoholic drink and it is produced with millet grains combined with maize and sorghum. Kunu Zaki comes in white color if it is maize or millet that is used in preparing it. The drink can change to brown color if sorghum is added. Without been told you can now see that there are 2 brands of Kunu Zaki.
Furthermore, this particular drink is a popular drink in Nigeria and it is really so popular in the northern part of the country. A lot of Nigerians that actually knows about it cannot stay a single day without drinking it. Some of the ingredients used in producing it (Like millet) is enriched with natural vitamins and other nourishments like starch, potassium, vitamin B, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium. Kunu Zaki really provides essential fat for the body. This particular drink provides a healthy fat and not the one that accumulates to cause sickness in the whole body.
Kunu Zaki drink business is really a cool business for any person that has eyes for a personal business. Once you venture into this particular business, it will really not be difficult to get customers because the drink is much cherished by a lot of people. The following are the step by step on how to venture into Kunu Zaki drink business in Nigeria;

     1. Try as much as possible to learn how to do it yourself: Learning how to actually do it yourself will really pay you more than employing somebody else to be doing it for you most especially if you are just starting the business newly. One of the major reasons why it is good for you to learn it yourself is that it will help you to save the money you would have pay the person. The money can be use for something else. It is actually good for you to learn it yourself so that you can be able to handle it neatly because it is your personal business, on like when it is entrusted into someone’s care, the truth is that the person might not really take it as his or her own personal business. The following are the ingredients that can used to prepare Kunu Zaki drinks;
-         Two litters of water
-         Three cups of millet
-         One table spoon ginger( either dried or fresh)
-         One table spoon black pepper
-         Some sugar to add taste to it

      2. Contact people that are already into the business: Without been told some of the people that are into the business have more ideas about the business. You can contact them to have more ideas about the business. Make sure you discuss all the ups and downs about the business with the person, this will really help you to prepare your mind.

      3. Look for capital for the business: Kunu zaki drink business also require capital to start. You can also open a bank account where you will be depositing the profits you make from the business, doing this will really help you to monitor the growth of the business.

     4. Purchase the required things for the business: Some of the basic things you will really need are refrigerator, cooler, basins, sieve, steel spoons, etc. You really need to purchase all these things if you don’t have them.

     5. You need to get a brand name and register it with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC): Get a unique name for the business. Although you can actually form a business name through your own name. If for instance your name is Kelvin, you can actually come up with something like KelDrink. After choosing a unique name, register the name with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).  Registering the name with CAC will really prevent other business personnel from using the same name for the product.

     6. Try as much as possible to get NAFDAC Approval: Kunu Zaki drink business is a business that deal with what goes into the mouth. There is need for you to invite the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to come for inspection and registration. NAFDAC will issue out a registration number. Getting this NAFDAC registration number will really give people assurance that they are safe purchasing the drink.

     7. Marketing and promotion: Producing this drink without marketing and promotion you will not have any results. You can actually start the promotion by discussing with people around you, and also going to supermarkets, churches, local markets, schools, etc.


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