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Setting up a football viewing center is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Without been told a lot Nigerians really love soccer. Football is love by not just only Nigerians but Africa and the whole world in general. A lot Nigerians are fans to most of the football clubs. Nigerians really love to watch football, but majority of them cannot subscribe to cable networks like DSTV. Today there are a lot of cable networks TV that show football matches, but the problem is that most Nigerians cannot afford the subscriptions. A lot Nigerians prefer to look for a football viewing center where they can easily pay money and watch football matches. Some Nigerians can pay money to even watch about 3 to 4 matches a day. The love for football matches has made football viewing center business a profitable business in Nigeria. On this article we are going to look at the simple steps on how to setup a football viewing center.

      1. Rent a big hall: To start a football viewing center you need to rent a big hall in a strategic position. Make sure the hall is located in a busy environment. The location of the hall is very important. The location of the hall will really determine the success of the business.

      2. Purchase a big flat screen television: A football viewing center needs a big flat screen television. If you cannot buy a new one you can purchase a fairly used tokunbo big flat screen television. If you are somewhere in Lagos you can get a clean big flat screen television in Alaba international market at a cheaper rate.

     3. Purchase a cable network: Currently there are a lot of cable networks in Nigeria. Some of the popular cable networks are; DSTV, STARTIMES, HiTV, myTV, GoTv, DaaSat, etc. You can purchase any of the cable networks with the antenna and look for a good engineer to install for you.

     4. Purchase some good plastic chairs: Every football viewing centers require chairs to sit down. Purchase some quality plastic chairs. The numbers of plastic chairs you are buying depends on the size of the hall.

     5. Get a notice board: A notice board is very important in any football viewing center. This notice board will be use to notify the viewers about the current football matches.

     6. You need a standby generator: A standby generator is very important in case of any power failure. An unexpected power failure during the watching of the football match without a standby generator can lead to a lot of problems. So just try and purchase a standby generator to avoid any embarrassments from the viewers during the watching of matches.

Like I said earlier, starting a football viewing center is really profitable if it is done in a proper way. Currently to watch a single football match is about #100. If you rent a very big hall that can contain about 100 people you will be making about #10,000 for each match. If there are about 3 footballs match to watch a day you will make about #30,000. That is why renting a big hall in a busy environment is very important.

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