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On this article we are going to look at the 12 businesses in Nigeria you can start with #150,000.
If by peradventure you are able to raise about #150,000, which is not actually very easy to raise and you are looking or thinking of investing the money in a business in other to make a reasonable profit. After reading this article on this post you will be able to decide on the kind business you want to invest the money on.
After conducting a well research on different top business ideas, which one can actually put in #150,000, l have map out about 12 different business ideas in Nigeria that you can begin with #150,000 and make a reasonable profits. The truth is that all the businesses in this post will really give you so much money if only you follow business ethics. The following are the 12 business ideas you can comfortably start with #150,000 here in Nigeria;

     1. Starting a charging phone business: We all know that in many parts of Nigeria electricity supply is really unstable, and there is also erratic electricity power supply. The world has become a global village and many people will want to get in touch with others through their mobile cell phones. We all know that the power supply in the country is really poor and the cost of buying petrol is also very high. The only option is to pay a vendor to charge your mobile cell phones for you. These vendors have a fixed rate of charging mobile phone.

     2. Mobile phone accessories business: Another lucrative business you can start in Nigeria with #150,000 is selling of phone accessories. An example of phone accessories are screen guards,  earpieces, phone casings, etc. This particular business is really lucrative and profitable because there is already available market for the products.

     3. Starting a restaurant business: Restaurant Business is another business you can venture into. Most people want to eat meals that are sold by other people for many reasons, especially those people that live in urban areas.

     4. Juice production business: In Nigeria today, there is really a high demand for fruit juice. Juice production is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria that you can invest a low-capital like #150,000. The truth is that in most urban areas the demand for juice is very high because fresh fruits are not really available.

    5. Soap production business: Without been told the demand for this products is really high because of the hygienic activities that must take place, which are washing of cloths, floors, plates, walls, etc. There are a lot of customers everywhere for this product. 

     6. Selling food stuffs on retail: To start this business you can begin with a bag of rice, beans and garri. As at the time of writing this article a cup of rice is about #100, there is about 250 cups in a bag of 50 kg. If you are actually selling in cups you will realize a minimum of #25,000. As at the time of writing this article 1 bag of rice is about #16,500, which means your profit margin will be about #8,500 per bag.

     7. Starting a laundry business: Another lucrative business in Nigeria you can start with #150,000 is laundry business. Just make sure you start the laundry business in an urban area, that is where you will discover that the business is really a profitable business.

    8. Opening a video game shop: Opening a video game shop is another lucrative business you can start with #150,000. A lot of young guys in Nigeria that have barbing salons business are attaching the playing of video game in their barbing salon business.

     9. Starting a barbing salon business: Barbing salon business is another lucrative business in Nigeria that you can start with #150,000. What you actually need to start this business is some barbing tools and accessories plus barbing skills.

    10. Starting a photography business: This particular business is a business that you can start with #150,000. What you actually need is 1 good quality camera alongside with a photo printer, all these does not cost more than #150,000.

    11. Starting a computer business center: We are currently living in a digital age where everyone is using computer and almost all document are produced by computer. The truth is that the importance of computer cannot be underestimated. What you actually need to start this business is a small generator, a computer, a good printer and also a scanner.

    12. Rabbit farming business: Rabbit farming business is another business that you can start with #150,000. Without been told the demand for meat produced from rabbit is very high. A lot of rabbit farmers in Nigeria are really making profits from there rabbit farm.

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