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In Nigeria today a lot of people are building and renovating houses everywhere. Blocks is been used for the building and the renovation of houses. Owners of block industries in Nigeria are really making millions of naira every month from there block industry. Block industry business can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way. Starting a block industry business in Nigeria really require capital. On this article we are going to look at the tips on how to venture into block industry business in Nigeria. The following are the tips on how to venture into block industry business in Nigeria;

      1. Acquire the knowledge: The first thing to do is to acquire the knowledge. You can look for any block industry around your area and approach the owner to learn more about the business.

      2. Capital: Like I said earlier, block industry business in Nigeria requires capital to start. You can apply for a loan in any of the commercial banks in Nigeria with a good business proposal.

     3. Choose a name for the block industry and register it: Choose a unique name for the block industry business and register it with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC). Registering your business with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC) makes the business to be recognized by the Nigerian government.

      4. Get your license and permit: In Nigeria today every business requires license and permit to operate. Just try and secure the license and permit to operate in the state your block industry is located.

     5. Purchase or rent a land: You can purchase or rent a land of about 60 x 120 plot, make sure it is in a new and developing site that will be able to accommodate all your blocks and all your other materials. If you don’t have money to purchase a land you can rent a land. Don’t purchase or rent a land that is in a swampy area, these areas can affect the dryness of your blocks. And again a car or a truck that wants to carry blocks may sink in such an area.

     6. You need to purchase a diesel Lister: This diesel Lister will be used to power your block molding machine. You can purchase a single or a double cylinders diesel Lister. But for the sake of diesel consumption, you can purchase the single cylinder. The single cylinder actually consumes fewer diesels and it can power all your equipment effectively. The single cylinder diesel lister can power your molding machine and your borehole pumping machine.

    7. Dig a borehole in the site: Block industry requires plenty of water to function. Water is require for mixing of sand and cement and also for the watering of blocks after molding. To increase the hardness of the blocks, the blocks need to be watered after a day it was molded. If you want to start buying waters it will cost you more, the best is to sink a borehole in site.

     8. You need to purchase a block molder: A block molder is a machine that mold blocks, which is actually different from the diesel lister. The block molder is also called vibrating machine. When you hear a machine making noise in any block industry, it is the block molder. These block molders are actually constructed locally by some local welders.

    9. Recruitment of workers: Under normal condition 5 workers are needed for one machine, 1 operator( an operator is the person who will be handling the machine), also 2 mixers ( this 2 mixers will be the ones mixing all the cements and sands that goes into the molders), also 2 boys that will be carrying the moldered blocks from the molder to the drying point. Another area that you may need workers is cashier and supervisor, although you can easily handle this area yourself. You need to employ a driver and 2 loaders.

    10. Make arrangement for the supply of cements and sands: You need to make arrangement for a constant supply of cements and sands.

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