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One of the most popular soft drinks brand in Nigeria today is coca cola. The demand for coca cola soft drinks in Nigeria is very high, that is why becoming a distributor to the company is very profitable if you run it in a proper way. On this article we are going to look at the requirements on how to become a coca cola distributor in Nigeria. The following are the steps on how to become coca cola distributor in Nigeria;

     1. Register the business: The first step you need to take in becoming a coca cola distributor is to register the business. Registering the business is actually the only way the coca cola company can transact business with you as a legal entity. Your business need to be registered with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC).

     2. You need to open a corporate account: After registering the business with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC), the next thing is to open a corporate account for the business. Having this account is one of the requirements to become a distributor to Coca Cola Company. The coca cola company may even ask you to provide proof ownership of the account. To open this corporate account you can visit any of the commercial bank in Nigeria.

    3. You need to write a business plan: Writing a business plan is very important. Your business plan is actually the map that will guide the business operations. An effective business plan determines the success of the business.

    4. A good location for depot: Try as much as possible to make sure that your depot is located close to your targeted customers. Locating your depot close to your targeted customers will make it easier for you to supply them drinks. It will also be easier for your customers to reach you anytime. Also make sure your depot is located in an environment that has good road for easy transportation of drinks.

    5. Building a large depot: Try and make sure that the depot is large enough to contain a truck load of coca cola drinks. And the depot should have enough parking area that can accommodate 1 long coca cola truck.

    6. Capital for the business: To become a coca cola distributor the minimum amount is two million naira. If you don’t have up to that kind of amount you can partner with somebody.

    7. You need to register with the coca cola company: Look for a coca cola company in your state, get the coca cola distributorship form and fill it. Then you have to deposit the minimum capital requirement. Then follow all the instructions and guide.

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