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Car wash business has become a very good lucrative business in Nigeria. Most car wash owners are really making a decent income from their car wash business. In Nigeria today a lot of car owners don’t actually have the time to wash or clean their car because of either too lazy to do it or too tired due to the nature of their job or business schedule. Most car owners see it as stress to wash or clean their car. Some car owners seek for the services of car wash because they feel that they are in a better position to clean or wash the car properly. During the periods of raining season, cars are always dirty because of the nature of some roads in Nigeria. The services of car wash are really needed during raining season, this is the period when most of the car wash owners are really make money. Venturing into a car wash business in Nigeria can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way. On this article we are going to look at the steps on how to start a car wash business in Nigeria. Below are the steps on how to venture in a car wash business in Nigeria.

    1. Get a good location: The success of any car wash business in Nigeria is determine by the location of that car wash. The car wash need to be located in a very busy and motorable environment. A car wash that is located in a less busy environment will not attract a lot of customers.

    2. Get a license and permit: Most business in Nigeria requires license and permit to operate. Getting the right license and permit for the car wash business will prevent embarrassments from the government officials in the state you are operating your car wash business.

    3. Dig a borehole or a well in the location of your car wash business: Cash wash business requires a close access to water. You can dig a borehole or a well in the location of your car wash business.

     4.  Purchase the necessary equipment's for the business: The following are what you need to purchase for the car wash business; overhead tank to store enough water, a standby generator to power the borehole in case of light failure, enough detergents that are really friendly to car painting layer, towels, buckets, brushes, mop, etc. If you have enough money you can purchase a car wash machine.

    5. Employment of staffs: You actually need some people that will assist you in the business. You can start by employing one or two persons to assist you, as the business grows you can employ more people.

    6. Promoting the car wash business: Promoting the car wash business is very important. You can organize a promo in other to get a lot of customers. You can also design a flyer and business card. You can also carryout word-of-mouth marketing. Discuss with a lot of car owners about your car wash business.

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