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One of the major places where most Nigerian men normally relax themselves after a long day work is beer parlour. Most Nigerian men really like to seat on a round table with their friends discussing along side with some bottle beer and pepper soup, and the place they normally do this is a beer parlour. In Nigerian today a lot people are actually looking for a place where they can relax themselves with a chill bottle of beer. These are the reasons why beer parlour business has actually become a very profitable business in Nigeria. Beer parlour business is a business you can actually start with a little capital and make a lot of profits. On this article we are going to look at how to venture into a profitable beer parlour business in Nigeria. The following are the step by step guide on how to setup a beer parlour business in Nigeria;

     1. Capital: There is actually no profitable business in Nigeria that does not require capital start. Starting a beer parlour business in Nigeria require capital. One of the best ways to get capital for your business is to apply for a loan in any of the commercial banks or microfinance banks in Nigeria, just get a qualify guarantor and a good business proposal. More still you can ask for financial assistance from close relatives or friends whom you think that is financial buoyant.

      2. Get a name for the beer parlour business: Every beer parlour in Nigeria has a unique name. Just get a special name for the beer parlour business.

     3. Look for a good place for the beer parlour business: Make sure you look for a very busy environment that is motorable. One of the things that determine the success of any beer parlour business in Nigeria is the place and location of that beer parlour. A beer parlour that is located in a busy environment makes more profits than the one located in a less busy environment.

     4. Purchase the necessary things for the beer parlour business: The following are some of the things you need to purchase;
-         - A good standard refrigerator for cooling drinks.
-         - A standby generator in case of electricity power failure. This is very important for powering the refrigerator and musical instruments.
-         - Plastic tables and chairs.
-         - A lot of different types of beer. You have to make arrangement with beer distributors for the supply of different types of beer.
-         - Musical instruments, music is really very important in a beer parlour. There is no beer parlour in Nigeria where they don’t play music’s. Also try and purchase a television.

     5. You need to employ a sales girl or a sale boy: Employ either a sales girl or a sale boy to work with you in the beer parlour.

    6. Promote the beer parlour business: To get more customers to your beer parlour business you need to promote the beer parlour business. You can start with promo, by offering 1 free bottle of beer if they buy 2 bottles, these methods will attract a lot of customers to the beer parlour. Also print flyers and business cards. You can also design a special T-shirt and cap which will be put-on by your sales girl or a sale boy on a daily basis. These are ways you can actually promote the beer parlour business.

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