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If you are in Nigeria and you are looking for a profitable business to venture into, you can start a bakery business. In every home in Nigeria today bread always have a place in the dining table. In Nigeria different flavors and varieties of bread are produce in bakery and they are sold in commercial quantity. One of the most popular staple foods in world is bread. Without been told bread is widely consumed across the continents by almost every citizens, ethnics and religions groups. There is no human being that does not like the taste and smell of bread most especially when the bread is freshly baked. Bread is actually one of the easiest and quickest cheap foods you can get your hands on in time of hunger.
Furthermore, in starting a business, one of the products to deal with is a product that really has a high demand in the market. Bread is one of the products that really have a high demand in the market. Starting a bakery business in Nigeria is really profitable if it is done in a proper way. The following are the basic requirements of starting a bakery business in Nigeria;

    1. A good location: What actually determine the success or failure of any bakery business is the location of the bakery. A good location is very paramount in bakery business. Try as much as possible to look for a suitable location for the bakery business. Make sure you don’t locate the bakery in a close cluster of buildings. Don’t locate your bakery close to any other bakery to avoid competition.

    2. Purchase the necessary bakery equipments: You need to purchase the necessary bakery equipments. Some of the equipments you need to purchase are a huge baking oven, mixers of different sizes, refrigerator, display cases, etc. Try as much as possible to purchase a quality oven, an oven that is poorly constructed can collapse and cause a lot of damages. Just make sure you hire somebody who actually understands the process of constructing a solid oven.

    3. You need to acquire a bakery license: Make sure you register with the Association of Nigerian Bakers. This particular association will provide you with all the necessary information you need and also the rules and regulation that bind bakery business in Nigeria.

    4. The employment of staff: You need to employ some people that will handle different areas. In bakery business a minimum of 6 staff is required in the different department.

    5. Capital for the bakery business: Bakery business in Nigeria requires capital to start. The actually capital required to start a bakery business in Nigeria depends on certain factors like location, availability to raw materials, etc. What you actually need to do is to carry out a feasibility study first. Doing this will give you the actual picture of how much you need to venture into the business.

    6. Promoting the bakery business: Bakery business is like any other business in Nigeria that also needs to be promoted in other to get a lot of customers. The success of any bakery business is determined by the number of customers the bakery has. There are different ways you can promote your bakery business, you can start by carryout word-of-mouth marketing. Another method of promotion is by printing flyers and business card.

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