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Starting a provision shop business in your area can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way. A provision shop is a place where you can buy beverages and other provision items. Provision shop is very useful in the neighborhood. On this article we are going to discuss the simple steps on how you can setup a profitable provision shop business is your area. The following are what you really need to start a provision shop business in your area;

     1. Capital: Provision shop business requires capital to start. You can secure a loan from any commercial bank or microfinance bank in Nigeria.

     2. Choose a name for the business: Choose a unique name for the provision shop. The name should be simple. Examples of provision shop business name are; Excel store, Original Markets Shop, etc.

    3. Secure a shop in a very good location: Make sure you rent a shop in an environment where a lot of people are living. If you want to start the provision shop business in a big way you can rent a big shop. Make sure the shop you are renting is located in a strategic location. The location of the shop can determine the success of the business.

    4. Furnishing the shop: After renting the shop you need to paint the shop, install shelf, fix tables, put a refrigerator, etc. if you have enough money you can install air condition.

    5. Putting goods in the shop: This is the area you need to really invest money. Putting goods in the shop actually depends on the amount of money you have to invest in the business. If you are in Lagos, one of the best places you can get cheap goods to buy and stock in your shop is trade fair. Lagos trade fair is one of the largest markets in Nigeria.

    6. Promotion and marketing: One of the easiest ways you can promote your provision shop business around your area is through word-of-mouth marketing. With time goes on you don’t need much marketing.

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