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In Nigeria today goat farming is one of the most popular and common agricultural livestock businesses. The Nigerian agricultural sector is really contributing to the total national income and economic growth, and commercial goat farming and domestic goat farming are really playing an important role in the overall economic growth and development of the country.
In the northern part of Nigeria, commercial goat farming is very popular than in the southern part of the country. One of the most popular meats in Nigeria today is goat meat and it has a great demand in hotels, local restaurants, and the head of the goat are sold like hot cake in Beer parlours. Because of the high demand of goat meat and its other products, starting a commercial goat farming business in Nigeria is really a great income opportunity.

Some of the great benefits of starting goat farming business in Nigeria

    1. Nigerian weather and climate is really very suitable for goat farming business.

    2. This particular animal produces high quality meat and milk for human consumption. On like any other livestock animal, goat products really have a great demand in Nigeria market.

    3. Goat farming business can be establish by any person irrespective of his profession, this business does not require much labor.

    4. In Nigeria the initial investment for starting goat farming business is very low.

    5. Some things like housing, feeding, caring and other management costs are really less in goat farming.

    6. This business can really be a great source for earning extra income from foreign countries.

    7. This particular livestock animal produce milk, meat, skin, fiber, manure etc. all these products are marketable and none of them is a waste.

    8. This business is really a great source of self employment for the unemployed educated people and housewives in Nigeria.

    9. Raising goats is very easy and simple.

    10. The manure of goat is a great organic fertilizer that can directly increase crop production.

    11. Goat farming business can help to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

    12. The business really has a high return of investment ratio (ROI). What this simple means is that you will get a good returns of your total capital or investment within a year or two.

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