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Boutique business in Nigeria has become one of the most popular and profitable business. One of the most powerful sectors that is always vibrate in any economy is the fashion industry. The fashion industry can never go down as long as human beings exist. And again due to the huge diverse interest and styles, fashion will keep on evolving on a daily basis. Here in Nigeria, setting up a clothing shop boutique can be very profitable if it is run properly. If you are actually dealing on ladies wear, you will really make a lot of profits because ladies really love good clothing, accessories and shoes. There are a lot of markets in Nigeria where you can purchase cloths on wholesale to stock in your boutique shop. On this article we are going to look at the steps on how to start a boutique shop business in Nigeria.

      1. Make a solid decision on the kind of boutique you want to open: In boutique business there are actually different types of fashion and fashion accessories you can deal on. These fashion and fashion accessories are of different categories, which are children categories, women categories and men categories. Your decision also depends on the capital you have for the business. If you have enough capital you can go for all the categories.

      2. Capital to start: Boutique shop business actually requires capital to start. With a minimum of #500, 000 you can start a boutique business in Nigeria. Boutique business is a business you can either start in small scale or in large scale depending on your capital.

     3. Choose a name for the boutique business: Choose a unique name for the boutique business. Make sure the name is simple and very sweet to pronounce.

     4. Rent a shop in a good location: The location of the boutique shop is very paramount, in fact this will determine the success of the boutique business. The boutique shop needs to be located in a very business environment. A boutique shop that is located in a less busy environment cannot make good profits. You can still rent a shop close to where other boutique shops are located. Renting a shop close to other boutique shops will really help your boutique business to grow by sharing more business ideas about latest fashion and fashion accessories.

    5. Stocking your boutique shop with goods: Stocking your boutique shop with goods is the area that really requires capital. This is where you will really invest money. There are places in Nigeria where you can get cheap goods to stock your boutique shop. If you are in Lagos you can try these places; Balogun Market, Yaba Market, Aswani Market, Oshodi, etc. If you are outside Lagos or you are somewhere around southeast you can go to Onitsha main market. There are a lot of places in Nigeria where you can purchase goods to stock your boutique shop.

    6. Promoting and marketing your boutique shop: Your Boutique shop also need some promotion to get a lot of customers. One of the easy ways you can promote your boutique shop business is by printing flyers and business cards. You can also carryout word-of-mouth marketing around your neighborhood.

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