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Mobile phone repair business in Nigeria has really become one of the most popular businesses in Nigeria. According to statistic the numbers of mobile phone users in Nigeria is about 150,000,000 and it is increasing day by day. There was a day I want to a mobile repairer to fix my mobile phone, this phone repairer guy collected #5,000 from me. What he just did is to use toothbrush and mentholated spirit to clean the phone panel.
The mobile phone repairer guy just capitalizes on my ignorance because in the real sense I have this toothbrush and mentholated spirit at home. From what just happen to me, just imagine how much money this phone repairer guy will be making on a daily basis from his skills. Starting a mobile phone repairing business in Nigeria is very lucrative if you really have all the skills. The following are the steps on how to start a mobile phone repairing business in Nigeria;

     1. Acquire the knowledge: For you to start a mobile phone repairing business you need an extensive training. Learning the skills is very important. You really need to humble yourself by becoming an apprentice in any mobile phone repair shop in your area. You can still look for any skill acquisition centers around your area where you can even learn it for free. We are now in a technology age where learning of skills is now very easy. Also, ifixit is another online platform where you can learn how to repair mobile phone. It is really good for you to become an expert mobile phone repairer before you start.

    2. The kind of mobile phone to repair: You need to carry out research to know more about the current mobile phone of your customers. Currently the popular mobile phone use by most people is Tecno, Samsung, iPhone, Infinix, windows, etc. These mobile phones are taking the lead. Try as much as possible to be conversant with their features, parts and functionalities. These are the things you need to learn in the course of your training.

     3. You need some basic tools and equipments: Mobile phone repairing business is a skill based business. Mobile phone repairing business is like any other skill based business that requires certain tools for it to function. The following are some of the tools you need in mobile phone repairing business; cleaning brush, screw driver, LCD tester tweezers, spudger, , multimeter, adhesive tape, magnifying lamp, battery tester, soldering iron, etc.

    4. Look for a suitable location: A good location is very important in starting a mobile phone repairing business in Nigeria. Make sure you look for a busy environment if you really want to succeed in the business. The location of the business will really determine the success of the business.

    5. Marketing and promotion of the business: Every business in Nigeria requires marketing to grow. You can start by printing business card and flyers. You can also carryout word-of-mouth marketing.


  1. In this way, you can get the whole amount spent on purchasing the contract back either directly or indirectly. fix phone shop


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