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How to make money selling cars in Nigeria without capital

Today, I want to introduce you into a legitimate business you can start in Nigeria without capital. One of the legitimate business you can start in Nigeria without capital is helping people who want to sell their cars to get buyers. This business is really a business you can really start with almost a zero capital. All what it requires is focus, honest and dedication. To venture into this business the following are what it takes to start;

    1. Get a camera phone that have a good camera: You need to get a good camera phone that has a good camera. Make sure the camera in the phone is very clear. This is what you will be using to snap the cars you want to advertise and sell. You can purchase a cheap fairly used good camera phone in the market.

    2. Discuss with the owners of cars: You need to negotiate with the owners of cars most especially in the area of price and information’s about the car. You also need to reach an agreement with the owners of the cars in the area of commission for any car you sell. There are a lot of places where you can get people who wants to sell their car. You can even pay a visit to some car dealers and negotiate with them. Make sure you get the proper details and information about the car you want to sell.

    3.  Advertising the cars on Nigerian classified Ad websites: This is the area where you need to do some major work. There are a lot of Nigerian classified Ad website where you can advertise these cars for free. The following are some of the popular Nigeria classified Ad website where you can sell cars for free;, OLX Nigeria,, Mobofree Nigeria,,,,,, etc. There are a lot of Nigeria classified Ad website. You can use Google search to get list of Nigerian classified Ad websites. After getting all these classified ad websites, you need to register with them and upload a nice image of the car you are selling alongside with the complete details of the car including the price of the car.

    4. Be honest with the client: One of the major things that determine the success of this business is honesty. You really need to be honest with the client. You need to explain to the client everything about the car, don’t hide anything from the client.  

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