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How to make money in Nigeria producing liquid soaps

Producing liquid soap is another lucrative business in Nigeria you can start with a little capital and make a lot of profits. In most household in Nigeria today liquid soap has become a very popular product. Liquid soap is used for domestic purposes at home to wash clothes and kitchen utensils. Many restaurants and eateries in Nigeria also use liquid soap. One of the things that actually increase the demand for liquid soap is because it is cheap to afford and is easier to use compare to other washing substances. A lot of people are really venturing into the production of liquid soap because the startup capital is very low. On this article we are going to look at the step by step on how you can make money producing liquid soap.
Furthermore, some of the chemicals that are required for the production of liquid soap are not far-fetched and they are not too expensive. These chemicals are available in the market. Below are what you actually need to start producing liquid soap from the comfort of your home.

    1. You need water: Water is really very essential in the production of liquid soap. You really need water in the area of dissolving the various ingredients and also during fermentation phase.

    2. You need Nitrosol/Antisol: Nitrosol/Antisol serves as a thickener in the production of the liquid soap.  Nitrosol/Antisol actually comes as a whitish substance and it has the texture of a powdered milk.
     3.  You need caustic soda: caustic soda is a whitish crystalline substances that actually look like a sample of granulated sugar. This whitish crystalline substance (Caustic Soda) will form a strong base when dissolved in water and it can be corrosive if it is in contact with the skin. Caustic Soda is really an essential ingredient in soap making process. Caustic Soda works as a stain or dirt removing agent in liquid soap.
     4. You need Soda Ash (Sodium carbonate): Soda ash (Sodium carbonate) is also a whitish substance but with much coarse grains. Soda ash (Sodium carbonate) function is to regulate the concentration of the Caustic Soda which ordinarily is corrosive to the skin. Soda ash (Sodium carbonate) really helps to neutralize it.
     5. You need SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate): This particular ingredient look like rice grains and it is also whitish in color too. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) is actually the main active foaming agent.
     6. You need Texapon: Another ingredient you need is Texapon. This ingredient is a pasty and jellylike substance. Texapon also act as a foaming agent and it also serves as a foaming booster too. A lot of people who produce liquid soap don’t actually use Texapon and SLS together in the same production, because both of them perform the same function.
     7. You need Sulphonic Acid: Sulphonic Acid is a dark liquid substance. This particular ingredient serves to boost the performance of the SLS. This ingredient is also a foaming and cleaning agent.
     8. You need STPP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate): STPP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate) really has the appearance of a white crystal powder and it looks very much like a table salt. STPP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate) is also a cleaning agent too and it also helps the SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) to work on its full potential.
     9. You need forming booster: Forming booster actually comes in liquid form and it has a transparent look. The function of forming booster is to make the liquid soap to foam very well.
     10. Some other ingredients you will need are Formalin, color, Vitamin E( which protect the skin), perfume, and Glycerine.

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