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How to make money as an author in Nigeria publishing books online

A lot of authors in Nigeria who have been writing good and quality books have been finding it very difficult to make a reasonable income from their book writing. To make a reasonable income as an author your books need to reach out to a lot of readers. One of the ways your books can reach out to a lot of readers is to start publishing the books online. One of the best online marketplaces you can publish your books for free is Amazon. This book will be published on kindle which is softcopy and paperback which is hardcopy. Amazon has millions of customers who read and purchase books on a daily basis. With Amazon your books will reach out to a lot of people around world. There are a lot of authors that are making a reasonable income publishing their books on Amazon. Like I said, publishing books on Amazon is absolutely free, you don’t need to pay a dime. Let us look at the steps on how to publish books on Amazon.

     1. Create an account with Amazon: The first thing to do is to create an account with Amazon, then use that account details to login to

    2. Create an account with payoneer: Payoneer is an online payment service that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. Payoneer will give you a US bank details which you are going to use to complete your payment information on Amazon. Payoneer will also send you a MasterCard which you are going to be using to withdraw your earning here in Nigeria from any ATM terminal. This MasterCard will be shipped free of charge to your address which you used in registering for the payoneer account. Payoneer only charge $29.99 yearly as service charge. Any sales that are made from any of your books on Amazon will be send to your payoneer account every month.

    3. Formatting of your books: Before you publish your books on Amazon the books need to be formatted properly. This book needs to be formatted in kindle (softcopy) and paperback (hardcopy). The book will be published in kindle and paperback. If you want to learn more about how to format books on Amazon you can watch the videos on YouTube. There are a lot of videos on YouTube on how to format books on Amazon.

Furthermore, publishing books online has changed the stories of a lot of authors in Nigeria. This is one of the legitimate online businesses in Nigeria you can start with almost a zero capital.

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