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One of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start with a little capital is laundry service business. This business is for a serious hard working person. Laundry service business is a business that is very easy to start and you can make money from it if you are a smart person. Like I said earlier, laundry service business is a business you can start with a little capital and make a lot of profits.
Furthermore, if you are actually serious about venturing into any business right now, I strongly advise you to venture into laundry services business, this may just be one of the businesses you should really give serious consideration. Laundry service business is a very clean business that is well respected and it still brings good money. Laundry services business has may types, the major purpose of this article is to focus on home base dry cleaning and laundry services.
The following are some of the things you will need to start a small laundry services business.

1. You need a wide ironing table: To start a laundry service business you need an ironing table. This ironing table needs to be wide enough in other to get enough pressing space and convenience, because in some case you will be handling large quantity of ironing. Make sure you don’t use small table that will make your work inconvenient and eventually cause you some damages. Try as much as possible to get a table that is smooth and wide enough. You can get a table that is 4×6 feet.

In most case a pressing/Ironing bench is the best choice for pressing cloths and it is really convenient, even more convenient than regular tables. Pressing/Ironing bench can be purchase very cheap in the market or from electronics shops or even in some Nigerian online stores.

2. You need to purchase a good pressing iron: Try as much as possible to purchase a quality pressing iron for the sake of efficiency, you need to know that you are handling people’s fabrics. An inefficient Iron can really cause more trouble than gain by raking havoc on the customer’s cloths. Just try to go for a high quality, brand new Iron from a well known maker like Philips.

3. You will need a garment conveyor: The garment conveyor is what you are going to be using to hang finished clothes. You can actually get a nice locally made by furniture makers, just make sure it is wide enough to avoid stuffing cloths. If you don’t actually have money to purchase a standard conveyor just approach a local furniture maker and he will help you design a locally made one

4. You will need big washing basins: Soaking different colors of cloths and materials separately actually requires many washing basins. Which means you will need many washings basins. You really need to be very careful the way and manner you handle people’s fabrics so that you don’t go about paying for damages rather than making profits. If want to start washing you need to the soak Jeans separately from other materials, also soak whites cloths separate, and other colors too. Don’t mix colors together.

5. Always go for industrial laundry detergent: Laundry service business is a business that you need to master with all sense of seriousness. Using a good cleaning detergent will really go a long way to assist you in making thorough cleaning, which will in turn bring more customers to you. Don’t just purchase any how washing soap, try and go for a high quality detergent that comes in quantity, because you will need much quantity of it.

6. You really need a space for ironing: Getting a spacious ironing environment will not just only make your job faster and more comfortable, it will really give you a sense of balance and relaxed feelings. You can make provision for a big space in your home.

7. Some other things you will need are clothespins, Lines, and drying space. If you can really get all these things ready you are good to go.

8. Marketing your laundry service business: Marketing is the life blood of any business. You can start your marketing with words of mouth around your neighborhood. The fact is that there are plenty people who are waiting to patronize you. Just make sure you treat them well and you will have permanent customers who will ensure your profit daily.

Furthermore, as you are going about your business, try not to over charge your customers. The gospel truth is that a moderate price ensures continuous patronage and sustainable venture. In this particular business the real money really comes from rendering good services at affordable prices, this will actually make the customers want to keep on patronizing you all the time.

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